Secure payment

Mode of payment

  1. Advanced Bank Transfer
    When paying by bank transfer in advance, sending the ordered starting when the money are available on the Konobono bank account, which must occur within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of the expiration where the order is deemed automatically deleted.

    The subject of the bank transfer must include the order number which is issued in the email confirmation.

    The IBAN/Swift code can be found in the email order confirmation.

  2. Pay Pal
    In case of purchase through the PayPal payment method at the end of the order the customer is directed to the PayPal login page.

    The amount of the order is debited from your PayPal account at the time of order.

    In case of cancellation by both the customer and in case of rejection of Konobono, the amount will be refunded to customer's PayPal account.

    The cancellation is possible until the moment in which the same is not yet in stock preparation.

    The order status is clearly visible in the "Order Status" and is no longer voidable if the indication "order in process".

    The annulment of the transaction, in no event Konobono be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by PayPal.

    At no time during the purchase process, Konobono is able to know the customer's financial information.

    As there is no transmission data, there is the possibility that this data is intercepted.

    No archive of Konobono contains, or maintain such data.

    For every transaction made with your PayPal account you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal.